Titan® in Riviera Beach, FLTITAN

The Titan™ 118 and 218 structural repair system is comprised of unique, uni-axial or bi-axial carbon fiber fabric, saturated with NRI’s proprietary epoxy system, Titan™-Saturant Epoxy. The Titan™ 118 carbon fiber is uni-directional fabric with the primary, continuous fibers oriented in the 0° direction while the Titan™ 218 carbon fiber is oriented in the 0° / 90° directions with the 0° direction being the primary, continuous fibers. The Titan™-Saturant Epoxy system is a two-part, 100% solid epoxy system designed for use in a wide variety of environments possessing excellent chemical resistance and high temperature ratings for use in industrial buildings. The development of this system was designed to conform to ACI440 design guide.


  • Structural reinforcement
  • Containment and shear reinforcement
  • Bridge column repair
  • Pile repair
  • Seismic retrofitting


  • Long working time even in hot environments
  • Properties retained even at high temperature use
  • Solvent free, no VOC’s
  • Applicable in damp and wet environments
  • High strength and light weight
  • Manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facility
  • Full factory engineering consultation and support, ensuring safe and successful repairs