The Resinator®


The Resinator® by Neptune Research Inc (NRI)


The Resinator® saturation machine


The Resinator® is a patent-pending, custom-engineered, saturation machine designed for use with NRI’s Thermo-Wrap™ and Thermo-Wrap™ CF systems (THW and THW-CF are compliant with ASME PCC-2 and ISO TS-24817 standards; please see product data sheets for full technical data). The Resinator® represents the next big breakthrough in the installation of wet layup, field saturated composite repair systems since it properly controls the resin to cloth ratio providing the repair with accurate strength. The Resinator® has proven to be a highly valuable tool that saves time and money, especially on large projects, allowing the technicians to saturate at a much faster rate than the traditional hand saturation techniques. This saves those valuable hours on a job that allows the user to be much more efficient, as well as being highly portable and compact to allow for use in tight areas or on scaffolding with limited space. The Resinator® is available in two sizes to accommodate a variety of widths up to 12″, so that you can work even faster on small or large diameter piping; and it also includes a durable and protective carry case.



  • Field saturating of dry fiber with various resins
  • Ideal for use with Thermo-Wrap and Thermo-Wrap CF


  • Simplifies impregnation process
  • Consistent resin to fiber ratios
  • Saturate dry fibers up to 10 times faster than by hand

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NRIU Tech Shorts 1 – Resinator Set Up