Syntho Shore in Riviera Beach, FLSyntho-Shore

Structures exposed or submerged in salt or fresh water experience not only aesthetic deterioration but also structural deficiency overtime. These damages cause the structures to loose ability to carry the loads they were designed for. NRI’ Syntho-Shore product line is the first under-water FRP system tested and designed to be applied fully submerged underwater during its curing process! The glass or carbon fiber system is the first factory-saturated system, comprised of a unique, uni-directional fabric while the primer is a viscous material easily spreadable above water or used with an innovative carrier material, for underwater applications. These products strengthen a structure in accordance with ACI 440.2R-17 while protecting it from erosion due to wave actions and corrosive environments while enhancing their structural strength.


  • System is not size specific and does not require large mobilizations, like FRP jackets do
  • Much simpler to use under-water compared to FRP jackets
  • System complies with confinement equations in ACI 440.2R-08
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001 facility with available certification for minimum physical properties, no field coupon testing required
  • 100% solvent free; zero VOC system
  • Durable, highly resistant to aggressive environments; can be used in splash zone or immersion
  • High strength and light weight


Damp or submerged environments such as

  • Piers and ports
  • Timber, concrete and steel piles
  • Coastal residences