Scar-Guard® by Neptune Research Inc (NRI)


Composite Mechanical Protection for Directionally Drilled Pipelines

The patented Scar-Guard® line of products is designed to protect field joint and mainline coatings from the mechanical stresses and scarring associated with horizontal directional drilling (HDD), boring and micro-tunneling of pipelines.


Scar-Guard® is a composite abrasion resistant overcoat comprised of fiberglass cloth and pre-impregnated flexible resin that is activated by water and cured within minutes. This sacrificial outer laminate system protects preapproved anticorrosion field joint coatings and mainline coatings such as FBE, liquid epoxies, shrink sleeves, and tapes. The Scar-Guard® line of products minimizes the need for costly repairs after pull back, and provides robust protection of the underlying pipeline coating. U.S. Patent #8522827


  • Horizontal directional drilling and boring
  • Coating protection
  • Field applied ARO


  • Controlled set time
  • ScarGuard is simple, easy to install
  • Non-hazardous
  • Consistency of application, joint after joint
  • Smooth profile reduces damage during pull through
  • No UV light or heating required