Stress Joint Rubber Coating Sacrificial Repair

Offshore from Neptune Research Inc (NRI)


The titanium stress joint (TSJ) rubber coating is damaged from unexpected loop current event during J-Lay.


The TSJ was inspected to verify that there was no damage to the titanium. In this case, all damage was localized in the rubber coating.


The surface of the rubber coating was trimmed to remove loose gouges. A cold applied Petrolatum Tape undercoating was applied as the primary coating providing water-proofing and corrosion protection. Syntho-Glass protective outer wrap was then applied over the petrolatum tape mechanical and impact protection to the underlining rubber coating.


The TSJ rubber coating repair was completed in a matter of 30 minutes and J-Lay resumed. RTIES customers have successfully performed offshore TSJ rubber coating repairs using the Syntho-Shield system both on deck and underwater.

Offshore from Neptune Research Inc (NRI)

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June 18, 2018