Natural Gas Pipeline Live Leak Repair

Natural Gas Distribution from Neptune Research Inc (NRI)


At the block of flats in three different gas boxes, six leaks were discovered and found to be migrating around the threads of the shut off valves of the 2” OD pipes which were operating at a pressure of 45 psi (3 bar).


Shutting down the leaking gas lines in order to replace the defective valves was not an option, as over 100 customers would be without gas for the duration.


After locating the origin of the leaks, two Trident-Seal® live natural gas leak repair kits were pulled from the service truck. The shut off valve and adjoining pipes were cleaned to remove any oil, paint and other foreign matter using a special designed “no-spark” brush, followed by the sanding cloth and solvent cleaning wipe, components provided within the Trident-Seal kit. The operator qualified applicator applied the Trident-Seal Putty adjacent to the leak point then mechanically forced the putty into the leak point with the Trident-Seal Pressure Sealing Tape. The simplistic combination of these two materials allowed the gas utility to verify that each leak was sealed in less than 15 minutes from the start of the repair. After verifying that the leak had been stopped – using gas detecting device, the gas utility applied 8 layers of the water activated Trident-Seal Outer Wrap to permanently secure the repair system in place and add reinforcement to the valve.


The Trident-Seal composite repair systems permanently sealed each of the six leaks with no service interruption to the customers. The repairs, which could have taken a substantial amount of time and hundreds of dollars each, were completed cost effectively within two hours.

Category :

Natural Gas

Date :

June 18, 2018