Jacksonville Water Main Leak Repair with Syntho-Glass

Pipeline Integrity & Corrosion Repair from Neptune Research Inc (NRI)


A leaking water main was discovered while doing a scheduled excavation to a hospital’s driveway. The main showed a considerable amount of corrosion.


The biggest issue was time. The excavation had been scheduled for the week between Christmas and New Years holidays because there would be fewer employees in the hospital during that time. The driveway provides the only access to a parking garage which holds 700+ cars. They had the garage shut down completely and it had to be reopened by Monday morning. In order to get the original work done, this repair had to be completed by Thursday night.


The pipe was cleaned by removing rust, paint, and other foreign matter in accordance with Sa2.5, NACE 2 or near white metal to promote adhesion. Hydraulic cement was used to bevel the flanges and Mega-lug fittings used. Syntho-Steel® Load Transfer Putty filled all pits, dents, and other anomalies effectively transferring the hoop load to the high tensile strength composite.

Syntho-SubSea® High Compression Kelvar filled Epoxy ensures a water tight seal over the repair area while providing chemical resistance. Syntho-Glass® permanently repairs and reinforces the external corrosion damage.


Syntho-Glass® fully restored the pipe’s hoop and axial strength to enable operation at full MAOP. Syntho-Glass® saved the hospital time, money and it’s employees frustration. This is a great example of what can be accomplished when the Manufacturer, the Distributor, and the Contractor communicate and work together. Syntho-Glass is a versatile solution for industries where quick-action repair can be critical.

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City of Jacksonville

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November 3, 2017

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