12″ Pipeline Corrosion Carbon Fiber Repair

Pipeline Integrity & Corrosion Repair from Neptune Research Inc (NRI)

Project Overview

A repair was required in order to maintain the design pressure of 1,465 psi (101 bar) on this 12” OD carbon steel pipe which was experiencing external corrosion and pitting over a 12” (30.5cm) section with up to 80% wall loss. The concrete coating was removed and the pipe was prepared in accordance with SSPC-SP10 to promote adhesion. SynthoPoxy™HC was used to fill the pits before the pipe received a primer coating of Syntho-SubSea™LV epoxy to provide corrosion protection over the bare steel pipe, effectively locking out any atmospheric conditions from the surrounding environment. The filler and primer work together to transfer the hoop loading of the pipe to the high tensile strength of the Viper-Skin™ carbon fiber composite system. The entire repair was completed inexpensively in a matter of hours and eliminated the need to immediately replace the defective section of pipe. Viper-Skin restored the integrity of the pipe to enable full pipeline operations.

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June 20, 2018