11,000 Sq ft Concrete Deck Rehabilitation

Structural Strengthening from Neptune Research Inc (NRI)


Severe corrosion caused by moisture intrusion from the top deck.


The moisture intrusion and ponding issues were so severe that the owners were boring holes in the surface of the top deck to drain the standing water. They turned to the engineers at NRI for a solution.


The custom-engineered design solution was based on ACI and ICRI code requirements for strengthening the flexural and compressive characteristics of damaged concrete. First, all damaged areas of the concrete substrate were removed and sound aggregate was exposed. On the top side of the concrete deck, an epoxy mortar was then applied to not only resurface the concrete, but also to create a slight grade in the roof, which would allow water to drain. While this mortar was wet, the crew applied two layers of 12” Thermo-Wrap CF strips with a 1/2” overlap between the strips for added strength. On the T-beams on the underside of the concrete deck, the crew applied the concrete mortar onto the beams, as well as on the damaged flat sections of concrete in between the beams. While wet, they applied two layers of Titan 118 in a “U wrap” along the beam
lengths and overlapping strips on the flat concrete. Whether working on the deck above or on the beams below, the crew ran the Thermo-Wrap and the Titan fiber through the patented Resinator saturation machine to ensure correct fiber-to-resin coverage.


The composite installation was performed without incident and the harbor-side structure returned to service within days. The asset owner was extremely pleased with the outcome, the re-graded deck no longer experiences ponding issues and the moisture intrusion has stopped thanks to NRI engineering and the Titan composite repair system.

Structural Strengthening from Neptune Research Inc (NRI)

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June 18, 2018