Discover New Options for Carbon Fiber Pipeline Repair Wraps

carbon fiber pipeline wrap repair systems

When it comes to pipeline repair, you need a solution that will last. At ClockSpring|NRI, our engineered composite repair (ECR) systems are . We have multiple carbon fiber pipeline repair products that can be used on offshore assets as well as gas/oil and processing chemical pipelines. Our carbon fiber pipeline repair options, for example, a high strength-to-weight ratio and exceptional resistance to corrosion and are suitable for a wide range of application conditions.

We develop our pipeline repair products to withstand tough operating environments because repairs are costly, and you don’t want to fix something more than once.

Carbon Fiber Delivers Reliable Asset/Pipeline Repair

Lightweight carbon fiber delivers superior strength. Its high strength-to-weight ratio delivers more robustness using less materials than other pipeline repair solutions. Our superior carbon fiber ECR systems and specialized installation methods reduce repair time and save money, not only restoring the asset, but improving overall integrity by providing a durable repair that often is stronger than the original pipeline.

Extensive Testing = Durable Carbon Fiber Pipe Wrap Repair Solutions

Our carbon fiber pipeline repair wrap solutions are thoroughly tested to stand up to the toughest conditions. At ClockSpring|NRI, we have a range of carbon fiber solutions that can be applied with minimal downtime:

  • Viper-Skin™ is a pre-impregnated hybrid carbon and glass fiber polyurethane ECR that is perfect for oil and gas risers as well as submerged pipelines. It combines the superior strength and stiffness of carbon with moisture-cured, factory-saturated fiber that is flexible enough to apply to most joints like; elbows, tees, and flanges.
  • Syntho-Shore is the carbon fiber solution you need for exposed or submerged offshore assets such as piers or steel piles. This carbon fiber system is a factory saturated unidirectional pipeline wrap that is used with a primer that can be applied above or under water to restore both the integrity and aesthetics of offshore assets.
  • The superior chemical resistance of Titan™ MCU makes it ideal for repairing interior pipe lining. This ECR system is made of unidirectional carbon or glass fiber fabrics. It arrives factory saturated in hermetically sealed pouches and can be applied above or under water.
  • Steel-Wrap™ is effective for internal and external corrosion on chemical processing lines transporting sulfuric acid and blowdown lines that requires no heavy equipment nor welding to install.  

ClockSpring|NRI Carbon Fiber Repair Solutions

The breadth of capabilities provided by ClockSpring|NRI carbon fiber solutions make them the ideal choice for a range of applications. Contact us today and let our team of repair experts help you find the right ECR system for your needs whether on or offshore.