Onshore & Offshore Pipeline Protection Systems

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Protect Your Assets with Proven Solutions

Pipeline owners know firsthand the issues that can arise from corrosion/natural weathering, and at Clockspring|NRI, we understand how important pipeline protection is to preserving integrity.

Our team also knows that “time is money” which is why we design Engineered Composite Repair (ECR) systems that are not only rugged and resilient but also easy to apply thanks to quicker installation kits such as our pre-saturated pipeline wraps that are less disruptive to asset operations; effectively reducing installation risks.

When you need safe, fast and effective pipeline protection and repair solutions, there is no better choice than Clockspring|NRI.

Clockspring|NRI Pipeline Protection Systems

More Reliable Construction and Repair

Onshore Pipeline Protection Systems

Damage during construction puts projects behind schedule and in many cases results in costly repairs down the line. Our specialized systems address construction needs from onshore horizontal directional drilling (HDD) projects to subsea pipeline installations.

We have designed our patented Scar-Guard® products to protect field joint and mainline coatings from the mechanical stresses and scarring associated with HDD, boring and micro-tunneling. This abrasion-resistant overcoat, that is made of fiberglass cloth and pre-impregnated flexible resin that cures within minutes, as it is water-activated, creates a sacrificial outer laminate system that protects preapproved anticorrosion field joint coatings and mainline coatings such as FBE, liquid epoxies, shrink sleeves, and tapes.

Offshore Pipeline Protection Systems

If you are concerned about riser integrity on your offshore assets, we can put your mind at ease. Our Trident-Wrap® riser reinforcement technology repairs non-leaking natural gas risers with wall loss up to 80% at <300 psi (20.7 bar) and is designed to allow repairs to be made on corroded risers without shutting in production. This repair not only restores risers but also offers corrosion protection.

If your assets include offshore pipelines, you need to know about Syntho-Shield and Titan MCU, proven products that increase pipeline strength and at the same time combat corrosion. Syntho-Shield protects pipes, flanges, joints, and valves, while Titan MCU restores and prevents damage to platform rig superstructures. Together, these ECR systems pipeline protection, preventing damage to offshore assets that could lead to expensive repairs.

Benefits of Pipeline Protection Systems

Regardless of where they are placed, pipelines are going to be facing a lot of elements that reduce the integrity of the system over time. ClockSpring|NRI  pipeline protection systems keep your assets operating today and provide a layer of protection for tomorrow, delivering:

  • Reduced repair time
  • Fewer repeat repairs
  • Corrosion protection
  • Subsea protection
  • Impact resistance
  • Increased system integrity

Learn More About Clockspring|NRI Pipeline Protection Systems

At Clockspring|NRI, our pipeline protection systems are tested and proven to improve asset integrity at an affordable cost. We understand your challenges, and we have the perfect solution for your needs. Our engineers evaluate every project to determine which of our ECR systems offers the best solution, and you can get our expert advice for free. Contact us today for more information on how our products can protect your pipelines and help you ensure the integrity of your on & offshore assets.