Proven Pipeline Coating Materials for Repairs

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Composite Coating Materials Deliver Reliable Options for Pipeline Repair

Asset owners today are focusing on risk management. They want safe and proven solutions that will help avoid accidents and reduce or eliminate environmental damage. Many are taking a closer look at composite structural strengthening and pipeline repair systems in pursuit of these objectives. In addition to simplifying risk management, using composites goes hand in hand with operational optimization, allowing owners to maintain assets more effectively and avoid extended pipeline shutdowns while damaged lines are being repaired.

At ClockSpring|NRI, we know how important uptime is. That is why our engineered composite repair (ECR) systems are designed to help avoid lengthy asset closures. Our systems keep process piping and pipelines operating and provide structural reinforcement to extend the safe working life of a broad range of assets. Our state-of-the-art composite wrap repair systems improve asset integrity using a range of coating materials, including:

  • Carbon fiber
  • Fiberglass
  • Pre-saturated resin
  • Field saturated resin.

These materials, coupled with specialized installation methods, reduce repair time and save money. Each of our pipeline ECR product lines is rigorously tested to ensure rapid, reliable repair for internal and external corrosion as well as other damage such as dents, gouges, and weaknesses caused by extreme temperatures and caustic chemicals. Not only do our products restore line integrity, they often deliver finished repairs that make lines stronger than their original design.

Proven Types of Pipeline Coating Materials for Repairs

  • Carbon Fiber

    Carbon fibers, which are used in products like Viper-Skin™, provide unsurpassed strength guaranteed to restore pipeline integrity. This hybrid carbon and glass fiber ECR solution is the first pre-impregnated system to incorporate the strength of carbon to deliver a factory-saturated fiber resin ratio optimized for strength.

    Viper-Skin™ is used on transmission and distribution pipelines as well as oil and gas risers. Its properties also allow it to be applied to surfaces that are damp, sweating, or even immersed, and its flexibility makes it ideal for elbows, tees, and flanges.

  • Fiberglass

    Fiberglass products can improve pipeline strength, making maintenance easy and reducing the need for expensive repairs. ClockSpring|NRI’s Scar-Guard® composite abrasion resistant overcoat, for example, is made with fiberglass cloth coupled with an impregnated resin that can be activated in minutes with the use of water. These materials work together to create a flexible product that can be used as a mainline coating to prevent corrosion on field joints.

  • Carbon Fiber Fabric

    Some of our pipeline repair systems incorporate carbon fiber fabric. Steel-Wrap™ is a specially designed carbon fiber fabric wrap that is saturated with proprietary epoxy and primer to create a super strong composite that can be installed without welding, making repairs easier and safer. Steel-Wrap™ repairs internal and external corrosion on sulfuric acid lines, blowdown lines, and chemical processing lines.

  • Pre-Saturated Resins

    Some ClockSpring|NRI products come pre-saturated with resins to reduce the time and complexity of installation. Water is all that is needed to activate these systems, which remove the risk of potential errors introduced by alternative solutions that require installers to mix the resin on site.

    Syntho-Glass® XT is one of the industry’s most effective pre-saturated composite wraps for pipeline repair and reinforcement that can be used for internal and external corrosion repair. Determining the fiber-to-resin ratio beforehand ensures consistent, dependable performance. Owners choose Syntho-Glass® XT to restore the integrity of pipelines, oil and gas risers, and girth welds on vessels.

  • Field Saturated Resins

    Some types of composite wraps are mixed in the field and take a bit longer to apply but deliver strong and durable repairs. Field saturated resins must be mixed accurately before they are applied. When used correctly, these types of composite wraps are extremely effective in restoring pipeline integrity.

ClockSpring|NRI Pipeline Materials For Repair

Our meticulously designed pipeline coating materials deliver reliable and durable repairs, simplifying maintenance and allowing asset owners to avoid extended shutdowns.

Contact us today for information on our industry-leading products. We would love to help you and your team save time and money with our proprietary ECR systems.