Structure & Pipeline Corrosion Protection

Structure & Pipeline Corrosion Protection

Asset owners know the impact corrosion can have on the lifespan of a gas/oil pipeline that is exposed to the elements. At ClockSpring|NRI, we understand that a shutdown costs money. Our solutions help you avoid the costs that result from repairing or re-pulling pipes using traditional solutions. With asset integrity in mind our state-of-the-art pipeline corrosion protection solutions are designed and tested to protect assets in a range of environments. And they can be applied without a lengthy shutdown period to not only restore asset integrity, but protect lines from further damage.

Offshore Pipeline Corrosion

Offshore pipelines take a harder hit than other assets because of the harsh environments where they are deployed. Constant exposure to waves and sea spray can compromise pipeline integrity. As internal or external corrosion eats away at the pipe, it can create leaks that could lead to the failure of the entire system.

To reduce the need for expensive repairs, we offer pipeline corrosion protection with nearly every one of our products. Our affordably priced pre-impregnated composite wraps, like Viper Skin, for example, are designed to reinforce and protect offshore pipelines as well as structures.

Other Types of Corrosion on Pipelines & Structures

While seawater is the most common cause of corrosion, damage can come from multiple sources whether a pipeline is placed above or below the water line. The area between the water and the deck, known as “soil-to-air interfaces,” is exposed to conditions that impact integrity including:

  • Moisture
  • Temperature
  • Oxygen levels
  • pH levels
  • Bacteria
  • Chemicals & Fertilizers


Our engineers evaluate every individual situation to determine which of our Engineered Composite Repair (ECR) systems is right for each site. Important conditions to share when requesting a free consultation are the location of the pipeline/structure, the factors that are causing the corrosion, and the type of corrosion observed.

ClockSpring|NRI Corrosion Protection Solutions

Regardless of the cause of line damage, the safest course of action is to repair the pipeline to restore integrity as soon as possible. At ClockSpring|NRI we have a range of solutions for corrosion protection that can be applied with minimal downtime:

  • Syntho-Glass XT  delivers both internal and external corrosion repair and reinforcement. It is pre-impregnated to reduce preparation time and can be installed in wet environments, making it suitable for most operating conditions.
  • CompoSol also protects against internal and external corrosion as well as successfully restored integrity and improved operations on offshore assets. Our CompoSol system can reinforce decks, pipelines, bulkheads, storage modules and other gas/oil assets.
  • Trident-Wrap and other Trident product lines have shown that they can successfully reinforced natural gas risers exhibiting up to 80% wall loss. On these non-leaking pipelines, our solution arrests the progression of corrosion while protecting the line from further degradation.


Benefits of Pipeline Corrosion Protection

Pipeline corrosion is a serious problem that can lead to shutting in production. We believe that the best defense is a strong offense. Keep your assets up and running with a ClockSpring|NRI corrosion protection system. The only thing you have to lose is downtime.

ClockSpring|NRI solutions deliver:

  • Superior integrity
  • Corrosion protection
  • Corrosion repair
  • Quicker repair times
  • No need for a shutdown
  • No need to re-pull pipelines

About Us

ClockSpring|NRI delivers state-of-the-art technology to oil/gas asset owners. We put our ECR systems through rigorous testing to ensure these products provide you with the best possible results. Our structural strengthening and pipeline corrosion protection kits restore assets to their originally integrity and provide the highest level of ongoing protection. For more information about our products or services please contact our team today.