Pre-Saturated vs Field Saturated Fiberglass Composite Wrap Pipeline Repair Systems

The integrity of a pipeline is important to maintain as operation success is linked directly to the performance of the pipeline system, and when it starts to falter a shutdown is often required during traditional repairs/replacements. Working with Neptune Research Inc (NRI) can help prevent shutdown by assisting in the maintenance of pipelines to prevent leaks and ongoing corrosion.

Thanks to our composite wrap pipeline repair systems NRI has made it possible to significantly reduce repair time so that a shutdown can be avoided. Each of our products are put through rigorous testing to ensure they are going to get the job done. Our line  of products assist in not only restoring pipeline integrity, but by making the pipe stronger than it was before it went into service, and prevent further corrosion and damage.

Fiberglass Repair Systems for Pipelines & Structural Strengthening

Due to its nature of being lightweight and resistant to corrosion, carbon or fiberglass is commonly used in composite wraps. These types of composite wraps are easy to apply and can be done after minimal training allowing for further time and cost savings. When properly applied, these systems can restore the integrity of the pipeline and make it stronger than it was before.

At NRI, our fiberglass repair systems are made to provide you with easy application. These repair systems are made from fiberglass cloth and a water activated resin. There are two types of fiberglass composite wraps found on the market, pre-saturated and field-saturated.

Pre-saturated composite wraps come in hermetically sealed pouches, and fully eliminate the fabric saturation step, allowing for a faster application. Field saturated composite warps take longer from start to finish, but are equally strong and provide the same benefits as the pre-saturated (also called factory saturated) composite wraps. It is important to note that saturating composite wraps in the field can be tricky as they require accurate measurements to get the mixture just right.  

Pre-saturated Composite Wraps for Pipelines and Structures

Pre-saturated composite wraps do not require any mixing nor measuring making them ready to go once out of the packaging; aside from the prep work required prior to applying the wrap. These types of composite wraps take the factor out of human error, as they come ready to use while providing equivalent performance to field-saturated systems.

With systems like Syntho-Glass, you can restore a pipe of virtually any diameter back to the original psi rating. Once applied to the pipeline this factory saturated fiberglass composite wrap kit takes only 30 minutes to set and can be used on several surfaces including but limited to the following:

  • Steel
  • Copper
  • SS
  • PVC
  • Cay
  • Concrete
  • Rubber

Field Saturated Composite Wraps for Pipelines and Structures

Repairing a surface or pipe with a field saturated system takes longer than using a pre-saturated composite wrap since extra time is required for the preparation of the resin or polyurethane mixture and saturation of the fiber.

Correct measuring of materials is required before the wraps can be applied as accuracy will ensure that the resin cures and sets properly ensuring a proper repair to the pipeline. When used properly these types of composite wraps can be effective as they restore the asset’s integrity after the composite wrap is shaped to size.

Benefits of Pre-Saturated vs Field-Saturated Composite Wraps

When compared to modern repair methods, our composite fiberglass wrap pipeline systems have tremendous benefits from ease of use to time savings. Other benefits of pre-saturated composite wraps compared to field-saturated systems when compared to field saturated systems include:


  • Reduces human error
  • No mixing
  • Less mess
  • Sets in minutes
  • Integrity of pipe is stronger than before


NRI Provides Pipeline Repair Solutions

For over 30 years, NRI engineers have been working to provide state-of-the-art technology for structural strengthening and pipeline repairs. We understand that complete shutdowns are not ideal for asset owners and their business; keep your asset in working order while completing repairs with our trademark line of composite wrap repair systems.  For more information, contact us today to help find the right product line for your needs.