Asset & Offshore Pipeline Repair Kits

Offshore assets tend to be at a high risk for corrosion due to the harsh environments they endure. With waves and sea spray constantly in contact with these offshore pipelines/assets, the risk of damage is greater which can lead to expensive replacements or even cause a prolonged shutdown.

At Neptune Research Inc. (NRI) we know that a shutdown is bad for business; that’s why the team at NRI developed our offshore pipeline repair kits. With our technology we can help not only restore the integrity of the asset but make it stronger while eliminating the need for a shutdown. Whether there is a need for a structural repair/reinforcement, or repairing a pipeline leak, we have the solution to fit your needs below and above water levels.

Offshore Pipeline Corrosion Prevention

Corrosion is a serious problem for all pipelines, but when it comes to offshore pipelines there is an increased risk. This is due to the submerging of pipelines in the ocean as well as the spray from the sea water on the rest of the asset. While not all issues may arise due to corrosion it is very common that a pipeline will have a leak and need repairs because of it, whether it is internal or external.

We here at NRI have created technology not only to repair these issues, but also to help protect from further corrosion. These structural strengthening and offshore pipeline repair kits are used to bring back the original integrity of assets allowing them to last longer.  

Damage Prevention for Offshore Pipelines & Assets

Offshore pipelines are also exposed to other elements that have the potential to cause damage to the assets. Damage from waves are a big concern for causing harm, as they can be persistent and harsh at times causing a leak to spring at a moment’s notice, where corrosion can cause damage slowly over time.

When this happens, not only are the employee’s safety at risk, but the environment’s health as well. It is vital that these leaks be repaired in a timely manner which is where traditional repair methods fail and the NRI product line of offshore pipeline repair kits excel as these systems can reduce downtime to prevent major shutdowns.

Offshore Pipeline Repair Kits & Structural Strengthening Systems by NRI

NRI offers a number of engineered composite repair (ECR) systems that are used in our offshore pipeline repair kits to provide repairs/corrosion protection both above and below the waterline. Some of these products include:

  • Viper-Skin Pipeline Repair Kits

Viper-Skin is optimized to provide a constant strength property for oil/gas risers, mechanical dents/defects, process piping and more. It is the first bi-axial, pre-saturated hybrid carbon and glass fiber polyurethane system that has unsurpassed durability. This pipeline repair kit can be applied to damp, sweating, or even surfaces that are submerged.

  • CompoSol Pipeline and Structural Strengthening Repair Kits

Designed to restore the integrity and enhance the life of the current offshore asset, CompoSol can increase the safety in a number of ways as the product can be used to solve a vast variety of integrity issues. This includes:

  • Pipelines with internal or external corrosion
  • Reinforcement to decks, bulkheads, and others
  • Leaking seals
  • Worn repairs
  • and more

For further structural strengthening of steel assets we offer repair and reinforcement systems in either unidirectional carbon or fiberglass wraps with the Titan line of products. We also have several products to help with emergency active pipeline leak repairs that work best in combination with one of our aforementioned ECR systems.

The Syntho Glass Up and Composite Clamp are simple to install making the active leak repair manageable with the help of a knowledge contractor or in-house employee though it is always best to consult a professional engineer.

Benefits of Offshore Repair Kit Systems

There are many benefits to our structural strengthening and offshore pipeline repair kits, from not having to enforce a full shutdown of an asset, to cost efficiency, and more. Here are several additional benefits seen from NRI offshore pipeline repair kits and structural strengthening systems:

  • Integrity of asset/pipeline restored faster and stronger
  • Quicker repair time
  • More cost efficient
  • Application is simple
  • Life of asset/pipeline is increased
  • International Engineering Standards are met
  • Application can be done above and below waterline

Why Trust NRI Offshore Pipeline Repair Kits

Here at Neptune Research Inc. (NRI) we have been creating state-of-the-art technology for over 35 years. Our products go through rigorous testing and have been shown to deliver the best results for our clients making them far superior to those traditional methods that are now becoming outdated.

Don’t end up paying more for a repair that is going to take longer. For more information on offshore pipeline repair kits and structural strengthening systems or services please contact us today.