Natural Gas Pipeline Repair and Corrosion Protection Kits by NRI

natural gas pipeline repair corrosion protection kits trident seal & trident wrap

To avoid catastrophic problems with natural gas systems we recommend checking pipelines regularly to ensure that nothing has started to corrode nor leak. Leaks can happen from corrosion due to exposure to the elements, or by damage done directly to the pipeline. Natural gas pipes that remain unrepaired can cause harm to employees as well as the general public causing the need for a shutdown.

When shutdown is not the ideal choice look to NRI’s engineered composite repair (ECR) systems for natural gas pipelines and corrosion protection. Our Trident family of products provide a long-term, cost-effective solution for both external corrosion and active leaks.

Natural Gas Pipeline Repair

Interrupting service for pipeline repairs has the potential to be a nightmare for natural gas processing plants as the shutdown of an asset for any amount of time can be costly. With NRI downtime of an asset can be limited or completely unnecessary over traditional repair options such as complete pipeline replacement of the affected area or steel sleeves.

Our natural gas pipeline repair kits can repair live leaks up to 60 psi without the need of a prolonged shutdown period. Trident products can be used above or below ground level to repair gas leaks found on threaded fittings, manifolds, pinholes, mainlines and much more.

Atmospheric Corrosion Protection for Natural Gas Pipelines

There are many reasons a pipeline will face corrosion as these assets are exposed to air and water on a regular basis, though this isn’t the only issue. Natural gas pipelines are going to be exposed to several elements, including the following changes in:

  • Temperature
  • Moisture
  • Oxygen levels
  • pH Levels
  • Bacteria exposure
  • Chemical exposure

While repairing the pipeline is vital in times of live leaks, addressing the cause of these leaks as you seek proper corrosion protection would be the best way to maintain pipeline longevity. Corrosion is one of the main factors that can cause these leaks to occur and although there is no way to stop the forces that cause corrosion, there is a way to protect the pipe from corrosion.

NRI has engineered natural gas pipeline repair kits made from fiber-reinforced polymer, which use high strength epoxy, urethane, and resins meeting carbon and glass fibers to not only protect from corrosion, but increase durability and strength.

Benefits of Natural Gas Pipeline Repair & Corrosion Protection Kits

  • Increase life of pipeline
  • Existing system doesn’t need to be replaced
  • Integrity of pipeline is restored
  • Quicker repair times
  • Shutdown is not required
  • Cost-efficient solutions
  • Simple application

Trident Products for Natural Gas Pipeline Repair

The Trident line of products were designed for natural gas pipeline repairs and corrosion protection.

  • Trident-Wrap is an 8-layer system that allows for the repair to be done without the need of a shutdown. This product is used for natural gas pipeline repairs and reinforcement of non-leaking natural gas risers that have been shown to be exhibiting wall loss up to 80% while stopping atmospheric corrosion.

  • Trident-Seal is used to seal active leaks up to 60 psi, which can be done without interruption of service. This natural gas pipeline repair kit comes pre-packaged with the ability to stop a leak from the size of a pinhole all the way up to 6-inch diameter threaded fitting though larger natural gas leaks can be repaired by utilizing multiple kits. Our natural gas pipeline repair kits are designed to be used both above and below ground with a simple application method providing a permanent fix to your leak.

NRI has the Right Pipeline Repair Solution for You

Over the past 30 years, NRI has worked on engineering state-of-the-art technology for natural gas pipeline repair kits which not only meet but exceed your expectations. Contact us today for information regarding NRI’s product line and find the best solution for your problem and industry.