Structural Strengthening with Composite Repair Systems by NRI

structural strengthening composite repair systems

Infrastructures go through natural wear and tear as they age; harsh environments can accumulate corrosion, which if left untreated could cause damage and serious issues with structural integrity. NRI offers high quality products and fast cost-effective installation methods when it comes to advanced composite repair systems for structural strengthening.

Structural Strengthening

Repairing infrastructures can be a high cost and timely venture if left untreated for a prolonged period of time. Structural strengthening with composite materials can help prevent the wear and tear of a structure, in addition to providing a capacity increase.  At NRI, we offer advanced composite repair solutions for municipal, private, state and federal infrastructure assets. Through a number of diligent tests, we have found that our structural strengthening repair systems are even stronger than concrete making NRI a leading industry expert for industrial and civil repair and reinforcement solutions.

Benefits of NRI Structural Strengthening

  • Cost-efficient solutions
  • Time-efficient solutions
  • Faster repairs to reduce down-time
  • Structure will be stronger than before
  • Advanced technology and testing proving to add capacity to a structure
  • Restores integrity of asset
  • Adds protection to structure

Advanced Composite Solutions for Structural Strengthening

Degrading structures need to be repaired and strengthened in order to maintain  working operations standards while preventing complete failure. The conventional ways of approaching the repair of weakened infrastructure are costly and require the structure to be inspected frequently. Composite repairs require minimal intrusions as they are designed to protect and strengthen an existing structure; some products used for this include Titan MCU.

The Titan MCU structural repair system is the first family of FRP products in the industry to be factory-saturated and is made from  unidirectional carbon or glass fiber fabrics which have been shown to perform better than field-saturated systems.

With the Titan composite repair systems you can avoid the laborious and time-consuming field saturation process and save on application hours while increasing load requirements as needed for compliance with code changes or design errors.

Structural Fiberglass Repair System

Made from a fiberglass cloth and water activated resin, NRI Syntho-Shield is used for corrosion, insulation, sealing, and waterproof protection of steel structures. It can be used as support for a jetty, bride and pier pilings, as well as overall structural supports. This repair system is made up of three components; a petrolatum primer/tape that serves as an undercoat that grants corrosion, Syntho-Glass XT, Syntho-Glass SPF to be used as a final mechanical and UV protection barrier.

Benefits of Syntho-Shield Fiberglass Repair system

  • Easy to apply
  • Requires no mixing
  • No messy clean up
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures

Problems Solved by Composite Structural Strengthening Solutions

When utilizing NRI’s structural strengthening composite repair systems the lifetime of virtually any asset can be extended well beyond the natural life of the material.

NRI offers several products to suit the needs of all structural strengthening requirements. Titan MCU helps protect and strengthen structures from damage done by corrosion, chemicals, and other forms of aging regardless of whether they are full immersed or in a splash zone.

Weather can cause serious issues for an infrastructure including corrosion. Corrosion typically starts when carbon dioxide and/or chlorites get into concrete; this causes a reaction with hydroxides which form carbonates. While these cracks may seem superficial, they are opening places for moisture to start corroding the structure from the inside.

Over time these cracks can be a serious problem and lead to the overall collapse or closure of a structure/asset. Composite solutions by NRI can repair this type of damage while adding a layer of protection to prevent further deterioration of the structure.

NRI composite repair systems & products can be used for but not limited to:

  • Structural reinforcement
  • Pile Repair
  • Seismic retrofitting
  • Concrete repair
  • Concrete strengthening
  • Bridge column repair

As all asset owners know, infrastructures are going to degrade over time. However, you don’t always have to expect high costs and major downtime during repairs. With NRI structural strengthening composite repair systems an asset can be made to last.

NRI has spent the last 35 years working to provide you with the latest technology for structural strengthening. For more information on our latest products, or to request a free consultation, contact us today.