Composite Wrap Pipeline Repair Systems & Protection

composite pipeline & structural repair systems from Neptune Research Inc (NRI)

A pipeline leak can happen whether the pipe is brand new or has been in service for a long time; repulling/replacing the entire pipeline can cost a fortune. Neptune Research Inc (NRI) offers state of the art composite wrap pipeline repair systems to protect you from having to repull new pipelines. Whether it is an emergency leak repair, or preventative reinforcement, NRI has you covered.

Benefits of Composite Wrap Pipeline Repair Systems & Protection

  • Existing pipe does not need to be replaced
  • Life of pipeline increases
  • Restores integrity of pipe
  • Quicker than replacing/repulling pipelines

Petrochemical and Refinery Pipeline Composite Repair Systems

The integrity of petrochemical and refinery pipelines are crucial for ensuring the safety of everyone working onsite. For example, leaking gas pipelines can cause environmental hazards as well as potential harm to the entire system or lead to an explosion/fire. Composite wrap pipeline repair and protection systems can help resolve these potential issues without forcing the plant to be shut down for an extended period of time.

NRI has spent over 30 years perfecting our composite pipeline repair systems to address a variety of issues. Not only will the pipe be repaired, but it will be stronger than it was when it first went into service.

Offshore Composite Pipeline Repair System and Kit

Corrosion is a factor that can harm any pipe, though when working in an offshore environment the risk is going to increase greatly. Sea water accelerates corrosion on the asset, and with the power behind waves corrosion damage will happen even faster. Assets above and below sea level such as pipelines, decks, and bulkheads will be affected by constant exposure to the elements.

With NRI’s offshore pipeline & structural composite repair systems, integrity issues both above and below the water can be reinforced. NRI offers a permanent solution, without the need for a shutdown. The Syntho-Glass® XT system itself is a prime example of the unique composite repair systems that can be used to reinforce both internal and external against corrosion.

Composite Fiberglass Wrap Pipeline Repair Systems

Using Syntho-Glass XT fiberglass composite wrap pipeline repair systems, NRI can repair both internal and external corrosion damage. This can all be accomplished without the need for shutdown which can be both time consuming and cause unwanted downtime.

This cost-effective repair system is an alternative to not only replacing, but increasing the integrity of the pipe. Syntho-Glass XT is a bi-directional, pre-impreganted composite used to reinforce and repair current pipelines and structures.

Natural Gas Pipe Repair System Kits

Repulling pipelines can cause a prolonged shutdown that can leave your company with costly downtime. The best way to prevent shutdown is to proactively protect your assets. NRI has permanent, cost-effective composite pipeline wrap repair systems for natural gas pipelines that can maintain your system without an extended shut down period. With our line of Trident products, you will get superior protection whether there is a leak or the pipe has external corrosion. These products are simple and quick to apply without interference in your services unlike the traditional outdated methods.

Trident Seal® can solve leaks permanently on pipes including threaded fittings, manifold, and meter sets.

Pipeline Corrosion Protection

Maintaining your pipeline is the best way to ensure your assets remain operational in the long term. Traditional methods take a long time and tend to require a shutdown. Whether the issues are internal corrosion, or there are external problems on the pipe, NRI has uniquely designed composite pipeline repair solutions to, not only restore the pipe, but to ensure its integrity. It is also a great way to prevent corrosion on new assets.

NRI’s  Trident-Wrap® is used for corrosion protection.  This riser reinforcement kit repair allows for repairs to corroded pipes without shutdown or replacement. Trident-Wrap can also repair lines that are not leaking and exhibiting up to 80% wall loss.

Structural Strengthening with Composite Repair Systems

Repairing and strengthening infrastructure can be costly and may require the structure to be closed at the time of the repair. With this in mind, NRI has set out to find a way to repair and retrofit these structures in a more efficient way using patented composite repair technologies related to structural strengthening. Not only do these products offer superior results, they are more cost-efficient.  These products will protect and strengthen concrete from the effects of aging, corrosion, and damage from harsh environments.

NRI’s latest line of technology, including Titan products and Syntho-Shore, offer the best way to protect private, municipal, state, and federal structural assets. These products have been tested to be stronger than concrete for protecting and restoring structural integrity.

Details on Ordering NRI Composite Repair Systems

NRI’s mission is to strengthen the world’s infrastructure with our state-of-the-art composite pipeline & structural repair kit technology. For more information on our latest products or services, contact us today.