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Solar Wrap™ UV-Curable Composite Repair System

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Solar Wrap™ is a pre-impregnated, bi-directional fiberglass wrap utilizing a UV-curable polyester based resin system. It has been designed to be a very fast return-to-service product which can be applied at any temperature without extended curing times.

This has been achieved by using a curing process that utilizes UV light and is relatively independent of temperature. Solar Wrap™ is provided as a roll of pre-impregnated, woven fiberglass tape in a UV-stable foil pouch and should not be removed outdoors without proper UV cover. Solar Wrap is an excellent and versatile solution for any industry where quick-action repair in adverse conditions is a critical aspect for successful operations.

Typical Applications:

  • Emergency repair
  • Cracked or corroded pipes
  • Irregular pipe fittings
  • Force mains and gravity lines
  • Joint, tee, and elbow repair


  • Controlled curing process
  • Application in low temperature environment without extend cure time
  • UV stable
  • No field mixing or impregnating required
  • Effectively seals out atmospheric conditions, preventing future corrosion

Physical Properties:

  • % Solids: 61-65%
  • Working/Cure Times:
    • Strong UV (Bright Sun)
      • Gels in 15 seconds
      • Full Cure in 4-5 minutes
    • Medium UV (Partial Sun)
      • Gels in 25 seconds
      • Full Cure in 5-6 minutes
    • Low UV (Light/Overcast)
      • Gels in 45 seconds
      • Full Cure in 6-9 minutes
  • Resin Type: UV Curable Polyester
  • Resin Application: Pre-impregnated
  • Service and Application Temperature: -50° to 133° F (-46° to 56° C)
  • Shelf Life: 4 months with recommended storage conditions

Mechanical Properties:

Test Method Result
Tensile Strength ASTM D3039 62,785 psi (4.328 bar)
Tensile Modulus ASTM D3039 2,859 ksi (197,121 bar)
Hardness: Shore D ASTM D2240 72
Heat Distortion Temperature (HDT: of neat resin) ASTM D648 160° F (71° C)
Thickness per ply Measured 0.013” (0.33 mm)

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